Best Programming Language for Windows Applications (non-metro)

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Best Programming Language for Windows Applications (non-metro)

06 Aug 2016, 11:36

I want to take a couple of my AHK scripts and rewrite them as truly standalone Windows apps (yes, I know of AHK2exe), so I would like to know of the best programming language to use in that regard. I would prefer something that is lightweight and doesn't depend on things like .NET framework, Java, VBS, etc.

TL;DR: If you want to understand more, check the spoiler.
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Re: Best Programming Language for Windows Applications (non-metro)

07 Aug 2016, 22:40

C/C++. It will natively be the most lightweight, unless you include a plethora of libraries. It is not dependent on anything and is cross-platform, if designed to be so. It's also what AHK is written in.
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Re: Best Programming Language for Windows Applications (non-metro)

15 Mar 2017, 12:08

texasstylebbq wrote:Yes C++ is the best programming language. So you can proceed with it.
It's not even close. It all comes down to personal preference and what you want to achieve.
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Re: Best Programming Language for Windows Applications (non-metro)

23 Mar 2018, 10:54

My advice would be to have a quiet word with your IT guys before making a whole load more work for yourself. You may find that an AHK script would actually be more acceptable to them rather than less so. From their point of view, an .exe is just a 'black box' that they can't look inside to see what it gets up to (it might act benignly now, but how can they tell there isn't a remote 'self destruct' button?). On the other hand, an AHK script is source code that they can check for themselves to see if it looks malicious or not. All the system admins I've ever worked with have been 'scriptaholics', and AHK scripts are not a million miles away from .bat syntax (if you're system admin can't handle that, then you need a new system admin! ;) ). You might just find that they have more confidence about your code if they can actually see it, and can advise you how to make your script safer and more secure.

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