Blackmagic Fusion

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Blackmagic Fusion

09 Dec 2017, 14:51

While searching for a rotoscope software I stumbled over this ...
Fusion, an integrated 2D and 3D compositing and motion graphics software, VR tools with a massive toolset featuring paint, rotoscope, titling, animation, multiple keyers including Primatte, an amazing 3D particle system, advanced keyframing, GPU acceleration, and support for importing and rendering 3D models and scenes from other applications. Technical support available via the Blackmagic Design community forums.

[Comparing 'Fusion' (free) vs 'Fusion Studio']
... even the free version looks quite promising! So, start editing your AHK video tutorials :thumbup:


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Re: Blackmagic Fusion

10 Dec 2017, 00:49

their "davinci resolve" is the best free/paid video editing software ive ever used. for years i stuck with Adobe premiere because it was supposedly the industry standard but i got fed up with how tedious it was to do even the most basic things like moving clips around or resizing them, or having to transfer clips to after effects just to stabilise. resolve has that built in, and for no charge!

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