SendMidi [CMD]

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SendMidi [CMD]

09 Feb 2018, 03:19

SendMIDI is a multi-platform command-line tool makes it very easy to quickly send MIDI messages to MIDI devices from your computer.

To use it, simply type "sendmidi" or "sendmidi.exe" on the command line and follow it with a series of commands that you want to execute. These commands have purposefully been chosen to be concise and easy to remember, so that it's extremely fast and intuitive to quickly shoot out a few MIDI messages.

These are all the supported commands:

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dev name Set the name of the MIDI output port virt (name) Use virtual MIDI port with optional name (Linux/macOS) list Lists the MIDI output ports panic Sends all possible Note Offs and relevant panic CCs file path Loads commands from the specified program file dec Interpret the next numbers as decimals by default hex Interpret the next numbers as hexadecimals by default ch number Set MIDI channel for the commands (1-16), defaults to 1 omc number Set octave for middle C, defaults to 3 on note velocity Send Note On with note (0-127) and velocity (0-127) off note velocity Send Note Off with note (0-127) and velocity (0-127) pp note value Send Poly Pressure with note (0-127) and value (0-127) cc number value Send Control Change number (0-127) with value (0-127) pc number Send Program Change number (0-127) cp value Send Channel Pressure value (0-127) pb value Send Pitch Bend value (0-16383 or value/range) rpn number value Send RPN number (0-16383) with value (0-16383) nrpn number value Send NRPN number (0-16383) with value (0-16383) clock bpm Send 2 beats of MIDI Timing Clock for a BPM (1-999) mc Send one MIDI Timing Clock start Start the current sequence playing stop Stop the current sequence cont Continue the current sequence as Send Active Sensing rst Send Reset syx bytes Send SysEx from a series of bytes (no F0/F7 delimiters) syf path Send SysEx from a .syx file tc type value Send MIDI Time Code with type (0-7) and value (0-15) spp beats Send Song Position Pointer with beat (0-16383) ss number Send Song Select with song number (0-127) tun Send Tune Request mpe zone range Send MPE Configuration for zone (1-2) with range (0-15) raw bytes Send raw MIDI from a series of bytes -h or --help Print Help (this message) and exit --version Print version information and exit -- Read commands from standard input until it's closed
Alternatively, you can use the following long versions of the commands:

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device virtual decimal hexadecimal channel octave-middle-c note-on note-off poly-pressure control-change program-change channel-pressure pitch-bend midi-clock continue active-sensing reset system-exclusive system-exclusive-file time-code song-position song-select tune-request raw-midi
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