Profiling tool(s) for autohotkey?

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Profiling tool(s) for autohotkey?

20 Apr 2018, 06:06

Forgive me if this is an utter amateur-nonsense question (and do move if I've not posted in the right forum), but....are there tools that can be used to 'profile' an autohotkey script?

By 'profiling' I mean work out how much time is spent in various parts of the code, and maybe also give a flow diagram (something like what can be seen at

I seem to recall using tools like this (not the flow diagram part though) about 100 years ago with Fortran. The results were helpful to optimise my poorly written code by pointing out inefficiencies and bottlenecks that my lack of programming experience could not spot by eye.

I've done a bunch of searching and have found nothing. This either means it's so obvious how to profile AHK code that I can't see it (the elephant in the room problem), or there really is very little out there?

Most grateful for any pointers, and being treated gently if I've asked a tom-fool question!
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Re: Profiling tool(s) for autohotkey?

20 Apr 2018, 06:58

besides manually benchmarking part of your code with e.g. QPC, i havent heard of anything of the sort

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