Upcoming Ahk2Exe changes

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Re: Upcoming Ahk2Exe changes

08 Apr 2018, 10:59

i believe AHK_H has been using this for a while, maybe some hints/bugs can be gleaned from its source

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Re: Upcoming Ahk2Exe changes

08 Apr 2018, 13:21

TAC109 wrote:1. When compiling there were often transient file errors when trying to create the .exe. (I keep my sources in a Dropbox folder.) There errors do not occur with the standard version. (I believe that the file handling and error checking in the standard version was greatly enhanced after the fork for this version.)

Oh, so that's not just me then — I get that a lot! Something to do with having the files on a network share I guess, causes havoc with file access. I've got a compile script that can see all five attempts to get a compilation to work, fail due to file access.
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Re: Upcoming Ahk2Exe changes

08 Apr 2018, 15:49

It needs fincs. ;)
I could possibly go through it later this summer, do some testing and clean out the kinks....

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