[docs] BBCode no longer working

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Re: [docs] BBCode no longer working

11 Apr 2018, 16:43

Thanks from here, too...working perfectly!
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Re: [docs] BBCode no longer working

11 Apr 2018, 17:52

Cool :+1:
I think everything is in lexikos’ docs GitHub repo
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Re: [docs] BBCode no longer working

12 Apr 2018, 03:24

tank wrote:I just removed the comments.

I've submitted a pull request on GitHub to remove the comments (PR #268).

tank wrote:this wasnt the right way to do this using a JS file anyhow.

That's true. Too bad PHP can't read JS files directly. Maybe one day I will convert the data_ files into the JSON format if I find a way to have JavaScript read JSON files locally.

data_index.js is necessary for the docs, specifically the index tab on the left side and syntax highlighting.
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Re: [docs] BBCode no longer working

16 Apr 2018, 07:54

So it appears the php is not part of the repo. I will submit a PR for this
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