New posts: longer time period

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New posts: longer time period

29 Oct 2017, 14:23

- The 'New posts' feature is great, you can click to see all of the latest posts. You get a list of all the threads with new posts, across all forums.
- After having used the forum for around half a year, I discovered it by accident.
- Using it, I've been able to help in various forums that I would never otherwise check, including some foreign language forums.
AutoHotkey Community - New posts ... d=newposts

- One thing I'm unclear about is what the actual rules are. How far back does it go, 24 hours? Sometimes if you log out and log back in again, some of the results are removed.
- Preferably I would like to be able to search for all new posts for the last n days. Where n could be up to 30/60 days. This way I know that if I go away for a while, I can get up-to-date quickly and be more helpful.
- I would just use a standard search to try and achieve the same thing, however, you can't do a search without specifying a string to search for. With 'New posts', no search string is necessary.
- So, for example, either being able to add an 'n days' suffix to the New posts url, or a 'no string specified' suffix to a standard search url (or having a 'no string specified' search option), would be a good solution.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: New posts: longer time period

29 Oct 2017, 19:41

I don’t really know. I think this question is more suited for the official phpbb forums. :/
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