Interface with Prolog

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Interface with Prolog

15 Oct 2017, 16:46

I would like to have a bidirectional API between AHK and Prolog.

Prolog is a 5th generation, declarative, problem specification language. You specify the problem in a purely logical, mathematically sound way with rules and Prolog's inference engine tries to find solutions for your queries. A Prolog specification of a problem is typically an order of magnitude times smaller than a procedural program solving the same problem. Prolog makes complex problems and systems easier to manage and maintain, providing a solution for the ever increasing number of critical bugs and hacks.

The advantages of such an interface are numerous. AHK would get access to model-driven software engineering, semantic web standards (like RDF), constraint logic programming, artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. Prolog gets access to the rich world of Windows interfaces.

The SWI Prolog implementation, for instance, has interfaces with C, C++, Java, Python, and C#. Not AHK.

More specifically, I would like to see:
- Prolog applications exploit any AHK functions, commands, classes, instances, methods etc.
- AHK applications to manipulate any standard Prolog libraries, predicates, etc.
- hybrid AHK-Prolog applications to be designed and implemented so as to take best advantage of both language systems, and to be testable, debuggable, maintainable etc.
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Re: Interface with Prolog

17 Oct 2017, 12:19

if your Prolog language can call external DLL files, you could look into the AHK_H fork and then use AHK's functionality from within Prolog

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