AutoHotkey v2 alpha (UPDATES)

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24 Jan 2018, 05:35


Fixed methods [broken by v2.0-a085].
Changed `::: in a hotstring to escape only one colon, not two.
Changed hotstrings to split at the first ::, not the last. Note that with an odd number of consecutive colons, the previous behaviour did not consider the final colon as part of a pair. For example, ::1:::a included colon in the replacement while ::2::::b included double-colon in the trigger.
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27 Jan 2018, 21:20

Changes to ([{ continuation:

Fixed detection of missing close-quote in continuation expressions.
Fixed comment sections and line continuation in or following ([{ continuation.
Fixed ([{ continuation for hotkeys with same-line action.
Fixed ([{ continuation for #If.

Changed ([{ continuation to allow continuation sections. The original intention was consistency between ( and [/{, but it didn't work out since continuation sections are handled before ([{ continuation (so were already "permitted" up to the first ([{-unbalanced line).

Improved detection of OTB vs. {} line continuation. It should now be smart enough to allow line continuation wherever an object literal is valid but OTB is not (except for While/If {, which are [still] treated as errors due to the missing parameter).

Other changes:

Improved continuation sections to automatically escape quotes if the continuation section is inside a quoted string, and not escape them otherwise. Removed the Quotes option.

Changed continuation sections to add space if first line ends with word.

Revised handling of xxx() where xxx is a control flow statement name.
  • All control flow statements allow () around their parameter list.
  • If at the start of a line, it is never a function call/definition.
Removed #IfWin and optimized #If Win().

Other bug fixes:

Fixed directives to not permit a comma after the directive name. The comma was treated as part of the parameter's value in most cases.
Fixed quotes being put around vars in ListLines/error text.
Fixed Hotkey() to throw correctly when it fails.
Fixed Hotkey() to allow Label to be omitted.
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29 Jan 2018, 02:41

Fixed else{, try{ and finally{.
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18 Feb 2018, 06:02

Fixed WinGetClientPos to return size, not bottom-right position.
Fixed unary operators following an empty parameter.
Merged v1.1.28.00.
Made A_ListLines writable.
Fixed properties like "x{" and "xx{" in class definitions.
Changed stdin (*) scripts to not prepend working dir to title or A_ScriptFullPath.
Changed threads to execute minimum one line before first interruption.
Changed default thread uninterruptibility to 17ms. Anything less can be virtually no time at all since GetTickCount() has a granularity of 15 or 16.
Removed Suspend("Permit") and added #SuspendExempt.
Removed obsolete checks for action type of thread's first line.
Fixed some issues with #If [broken by v2.0-a087].
Changed remapping to release mandatory modifiers, such as for ^a::b.

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