DirExist() change? Topic is solved

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DirExist() change?

15 Jul 2017, 13:17

Assume "plain.txt" is a file.

In v2.078 DirExist("plain.txt") returns blank.
In v2.080 DirExist("plain.txt") returns A.

If I do on 2.080 DirExist("plain*") and there's no folder with that match, but there's a file, it returns blank, whereas FileExist("plain*") returns A.

Is DirExist(Pattern) bugged for direct file names?

As per the documentation "FileExist searches for both files and folders, whereas DirExist searches only for folders"

There's a "Fixed DirExist(pattern) to skip over files matching the pattern." in the alpha changes. Is this to be interpreted as DirExist is the same as FileExist with direct names, but that it only looks for a matching folder thoroughly when using * ?
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Re: DirExist() change?  Topic is solved

15 Jul 2017, 22:05

Fixed in v2.0-a081.

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