GuiControl Type inconsistent Topic is solved

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GuiControl Type inconsistent

20 Jul 2017, 17:19

I couldn't find a better way to bring this up, but it seems that GuiControl.Type is sometimes inconsistent with the string to Gui.Add a control, like "Checkbox" and "CheckBox". Not a huge thing, just makes matching not quite as simple. I love the new way Gui is done and the improved functionality, by the way. v2 is already so much better than v1, in my opinion.
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Re: GuiControl Type inconsistent  Topic is solved

21 Jul 2017, 18:01

What's "the string to Gui.Add a control"?

"Checkbox", "CheckBox", "CHECKBOX", "checkbox", "cHeCkBoX", etc. are all valid strings for Gui.Add.

Gui.Add isn't case sensitive. Neither is =/</>/etc. or InStr (by default). I fail to see how "CheckBox" vs "Checkbox" would make matching less simple.

Gui.Add also accepts multiple strings for DDL/DropDownList and Pic/Picture.

As for inconsistency, consider "Checkbox" vs "ComboBox" and "ListBox".

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