[ERROR] AutoHotkey_2.0-a081-cad307c msgBox("" --a) Topic is solved

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[ERROR] AutoHotkey_2.0-a081-cad307c msgBox("" --a)

29 Aug 2017, 11:12

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msgBox("" --a) ;Error: Unexpected operator folowing literal string.

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msgBox("" (--a)) ;OK.
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Re: [ERROR] AutoHotkey_2.0-a081-cad307c msgBox("" --a)  Topic is solved

29 Aug 2017, 14:38

v2-changes wrote:Where a literal string is followed by an ambiguous unary/binary operator, an error is reported at load-time. For instance, "x" &y is probably supposed to auto-concatenate "x" with the address of y, but technically it is an invalid bitwise-and operation.


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