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Re: objects: backport AHK v2 Gui/Menu classes to AHK v1

Posted: 05 Mar 2018, 17:10
by jeeswg
- I managed to create a Menu object, and then tried to implement one or two GUI object methods to complete the example script, which was a slippery slope that ended up with me essentially completing a first draft for both objects.
- Please see the 6-item to-do list, I could probably use some help with some of the queries.
- I don't particularly plan to do much more with this for the foreseeable future, I might try and convert some AHK v1 GUIs at some point.
- If someone's keen, they might like to test it, suggest bug fixes, and possibly make the fixes themselves to save time (I can use WinMerge to reveal the changes).
- [EDIT:] MarginX/MarginY report -1 until they are changed by the user, at which point they report those specific values. Emulating that behaviour is straightforward, but if there is actually a way to retrieve the original margin values that would be interesting/useful.

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