recording macro web to verify the price lottery

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recording macro web to verify the price lottery

20 Mar 2017, 09:32

Good Morning,

I am just beginning to know better the autohotkey world. I just think is one program that allows saving much time in an incredible way. I am just getting used to making abbreviations shorter, opening links, specific files, etc.

Then, I would like to request help in order to know, if possible, how to record the following steps when opening a specific link, as in a macro.

1: the website is
2: Once there, I have to press the button "comprueba tus número"
3: In the center of the page, it appears eight rows, each containing 6 gaps, so that numbers are entered there.
4: I always enter the same number on each gap of each row.
5: the last step is to press the button "comprobar".

Would it be possible to automate that by using autohotkey scrips?

Thank you very much.

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