Can't make ControlSend to send keys to inactive window

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Can't make ControlSend to send keys to inactive window

15 Jun 2017, 14:48

ControlSend doesn't send commands to inactive window. So my goal is to open for example three game windows and when I press certain key, it is sent to all game windows. I heard that not all programs respond to ControlSend, but I tried using same code with notepad and it didn't work either. It sends the code to active window though.
Here is my code:

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SetTitleMatchMode, 2

KeyWait, Space, D
IfWinActive ahk_class SunAwtFrame
ControlSend,, {Space}, ahk_class SunAwtFrame


Also is it possible to send mouseclicks on the same coordinate to all game windows if I stack windows on top of each other?

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