Remap mouse button 6 for mouse with >5 buttons

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Remap mouse button 6 for mouse with >5 buttons

14 Jul 2017, 21:12

Hey AHK community,

I have an Anker 5000 DPI Game Mouse. This mouse comes with more than 5 buttons. It also comes with some utility software to map the buttons; the software is hosted at Anker's site, but no driver is provided by Anker for this mouse.

I vaguely recall long ago of using Anker's utility software for this mouse back when I had Windows 7, and it seemed to work.

However, I now use Windows 10, and upon re-downloading and using the same software (which hasn't updated at all since 2013!!!) to remap my 6th button, I discovered it no longer works to remap buttons on my mouse at ALL.

So I turned to AHK to help me remap this 6th button on my mouse by using it to find the button's identifier. By default the 6th button performs a double left-click.

In my attempt to crack at this problem, I quickly made a script to enable the mouse hook and looked through the "key history and script info" in the hopes of finding the VK and SC of this button.

After clicking on a few buttons on my mouse and looking at the AHK history window, I find that all my buttons on my mouse have '000' as SC, while the VK for this 6th mouse button shows as '01', which is the same VK as my actual left click button on my mouse.

This is as far as I got and after some googling, I found out that a) Windows can't identify more than 5 mouse buttons using its standard driver, which is what I'm using since my mouse never had any of its own drivers, b) it seems likely that it is not possible to re-map this 6th button unless the vendor releases its own driver for this mouse, and c) some library called AHKHID could help me identify this 6th mouse button, but I'm not sure how to start in using it.

Any ideas? Or is this really impossible for me to remap my 6th mouse button given my situation?

Thanks in advance!

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