Play sounds simultaneously?

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Play sounds simultaneously?

26 Jul 2017, 16:00

Hi everyone. I cant figure out how to play multiple sounds at once. I have short sounds (less than 1 second) that need to play and overlap. Any ideas how to do this? Code samples would be helpful. :dance:
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Re: Play sounds simultaneously?

27 Jul 2017, 15:16

i think this will work for you, but I didn't test it:

Code: [Select all] [Download] GeSHi © Codebox Plus

FileRead,Sound,*c chimes.wav

PlaySoundAsync( ByRef Sound ) {
Return DllCall( "winmm.dll\PlaySound" ( A_IsUnicode ? "W" : "A" ), UInt,&Sound, UInt,0, UInt, 0x7 )
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Re: Play sounds simultaneously?

28 Jul 2017, 18:54

That didn't work for me Garble.

I tried this:
DllCall( "winmm.dll\PlaySound", AStr,"C:\Users\barney\Desktop\minimap\left.wav", UInt,0, UInt, 0)
DllCall( "winmm.dll\PlaySound", AStr,"C:\Users\barney\Desktop\minimap\right.wav", UInt,0, UInt, 0)

Finishes playing the first sound and then plays the second.

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