Remapped Special Keys (email/calc/etc) dont work correctly when held

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Remapped Special Keys (email/calc/etc) dont work correctly when held

12 Aug 2017, 22:35

I've run into an interesting situation while trying to custom remap an old gaming keyboard with about 9 'special keys' that the drivers are terrible for.

The keys in question all have windows recognized special functions (Such as launch calc, launch IE, launch outlook, etc).
I have the following 2 keys for example rebound:

Code: [Select all] [Download] (Untitled.ahk)GeSHi © Codebox Plus

$vkAC down::SendInput, {w Down}
$vkAC up::SendInput, {w Up}

$vkA8 down::SendInput, {q Down}
$vkA8 up::SendInput, {q Up}

This rebinding works to suspend the special function, and instead send a W down or W up, but i've noticed two things:

Autorepeat of they key down event doesnt automatically occur when they are pressed down, unlike if i were to remap my 'w' key to 'e' using the same syntax as above (not critical, but probably correlated to item # 2)
Holding down one of these keys and pressing the other will not simulate the 2nd keys down event. Instead, i halts the 1st keys down event with an UP, and as soon as i release the the 2nd key, sends another DOWN to the 1st key that was being held.

I suspect that these keys are seen as a different 'type' of key (such as how caps lock is a toggle, shift is a modifier, 'A" is a repeatable key), with these special keys having a non-repeatable type. Anyone have an experience with this and know if its possible to modify that 'type' (if it exists at all) w/out resorting to registry hacking?

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