Trying to click on a Craig's List control

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Trying to click on a Craig's List control

21 Sep 2017, 14:08

I am trying to click on a control, and select from the drop down list. Because my browser size and position varies between two monitors, and day to day, I am struggling how to make the selection. Any help will be gratefully accepted. I have been trying ControlFocus and other commands and cannot get any traction.

Relative position has always defeated me. As I move from screen to screen and resize my browser windows it seems that the positions of objects and controls scale and move sightly. Even aiming at the center of them is a hit of miss deal.

For this question I am using Craig's List in Charleston, South Carolina, I would like to select "Tools" from the drop down list which is by default "All".

There are three drop down boxes on this page.

1. Charleston:
2. for sale
3. all (The drop down box I would like to select from.)

For this drill, I am trying to select "Tools" from the "all" drop down list.

Windows Spy only changes the Mouse Position information as I move between the three drop downs. Yes, I have tried this with Windows Spy unfrozen (Win + A).

The ClassNN: Chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND1

Commands such as ControlFocus suggest I use "ahk_id %ControlHwnd%". However I am unable to devine what "ahk_id %ControlHwnd%" means.

I am lost, please help me out of this swamp or throw me an anchor and finish me off!

Thanks, Craigm
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