WheelUp / WheelDown hotkeys stop working

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WheelUp / WheelDown hotkeys stop working

24 Sep 2017, 15:32

I have a simple hotkey, that only logs mouse wheel events:

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FileAppend, WheelDown`n, wheel-events.txt

After a some time of working, usually quite long (maybe several hours), the script stops intercepting WheelUp / WheelDown events. At the same time any other hotkeys located in that script continue working well.

The same issue I have with other applications, that use global mouse hook, that I have on my PC. They all stop receiving wheel events after some time, while anything else continues working well.

What can cause such behavior? Thanks in advance for any help.

Autohotkey verrsion is, OS is Windows XP SP3.
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Re: WheelUp / WheelDown hotkeys stop working

24 Sep 2017, 21:07

I wonder if the .txt file is getting too large for FileAppend?

When you notice this happens, check out the variables ErrorLevel and A_LastError. (A_LastError may need you to store it in another variable, which can be done just fine with like LastError:=A_LastError. Those may clue you into what is going wrong if it's anything to do wit FileAppend, as described in documentation.

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