Numpad 4 + Numpad 5 = Numpad 8 ?

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Numpad 4 + Numpad 5 = Numpad 8 ?

25 Sep 2017, 04:44

I wrote a script for entering numbers faster when the input method is in Chinese (which is my mother language).

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I think this is an simple script. However, pressing winkey+4+5 or pressing winkey+4 then release 4 and quickly press 5 will often give me a "485","458" or "548".
This bug also applies to winkey+6+7, giving me "687" or "768" or so.
Other combinations don't have any problems (like winkey+1+2).
What might be the cause of this bug?
Thank you in advance!
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Re: Numpad 4 + Numpad 5 = Numpad 8 ?

26 Sep 2017, 08:40

I can't seem to reproduce the issue... If I can't see what it is doing then it is very hard to figure out WHY it might be doing it. :(

Can you explain more about how the script is supposed to be used?
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Re: Numpad 4 + Numpad 5 = Numpad 8 ?

26 Sep 2017, 14:16

You might want to put this line:

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SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
at the top of your script to improve reliability.
Windows 7 Pro (64 bit) - AutoHotkey v1.1+ (Unicode 32-bit)
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Re: Numpad 4 + Numpad 5 = Numpad 8 ?

26 Sep 2017, 14:34

You mention Chinese is your mother language -- do you use Chinese language on your computer?

My suspicion is that your keyboard and/or the operating system language (and keyboard driver) are very peculiar. Have you tried NOT running your script and pressed Win+4+5to see if it produces a Numpad8 or 8? How about 4+5 without the Windows key?

There may be a workaround regardless if we can diagnose the problem. You can make a Numpad8 or 8 hotkey that does nothing by just using the Return command. You might even just turn on and off his hotkey with the Hotkey command.

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Now, it may not be the Numpad8 key that is the produced key stroke if all you see is "8" produced on screen. So you may need to turn off the 8 key as well by using 8::return instead. And also, initially, you may want to use in the auto-execute section Hotkey, Numpad8, Off.
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Re: Numpad 4 + Numpad 5 = Numpad 8 ?

01 May 2018, 00:26

Thanks everyone for the help. It turn out that even turning off the script will have this problem. I shifted the number hotkeys from windows key to alt key.

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