Do something if a certain color changes?

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Do something if a certain color changes?

13 Nov 2017, 16:44


I'm trying to make a script that clicks 2 times on a certain point on my screen in a loop that waits for 15 seconds until it does those 2 clicks again. And if a color somewhere else on the screen changes it should to wait 30 seconds and then click on another point, but after that return to the main loop.
I did some simple scripts in Autohotkey, but this is way too complicated for me at the time, probably because I am still very young and don't understand most of it^^
It would be really nice if someone could program me this ;)
If not, how do I find out the coordinate of a certain point?
I hope you guys can help me :D

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Re: Do something if a certain color changes?

14 Nov 2017, 00:04

Ist das für ein spiel?

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