Go to webpage and send keys, not simple

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Go to webpage and send keys, not simple

17 Nov 2017, 09:28

Usually I have either the tag, name, id or other ways to identify a field I need to enter data to.

Now I have nothing except one thing. When the page loads, the box I need to send data to is active as the first thing. How can i send text to it (loads hidden)

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Re: Go to webpage and send keys, not simple

26 Nov 2017, 13:55

Easiest way, when you have zero information, try send command.
SendInput is my favorite.

Goto webpage - wait till website is full loaded (or the "box" is active) - send text

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run https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lehrerempfehlung
sleep 5000
sendinput hello`, fooled out of education
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