autohotkey multi-threading

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autohotkey multi-threading

20 Nov 2017, 20:18

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for example, i wanna run hotkey f1, f2 simultaneously.(actual scripts are much more complicated.)
but can't run this because autohotkey is not multi-threading program
how can i run this?
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Re: autohotkey multi-threading

20 Nov 2017, 20:52

here is an example of fake multi thread:

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Re: autohotkey multi-threading

20 Nov 2017, 21:06

In AutoHotkey_L the closest thing to multi-threading is to run multiple scripts at the same time. However it possible to achieve a similar effect using SetTimer, this will alternate between executing the difference threads instead of executing them at the same time.
AutoHotkey_H has native support of multi-threading see AhkThread.

Edit: here is an example using SetTimers

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Re: autohotkey multi-threading

22 Nov 2017, 15:38

There is a very useful function, LoadFile(), by lexikos. It creates separate processes using pipe and allows the main script to communicate with child processes by sharing objects. It's worth trying.

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