VarSetCapacity -1: updating string length v. capacity Topic is solved

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VarSetCapacity -1: updating string length v. capacity  Topic is solved

20 Nov 2017, 21:37

I believe that using VarSetCapacity, and specifying -1, updates the perceived the length of the string, but doesn't alter the capacity of the variable. AFAICS, the documentation doesn't explicitly state that the capacity will remain the same.


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In v1.0.44.03+, specify -1 for RequestedCapacity to update the variable's internally-stored string length to the length of its current contents.

According to this test, the capacity does remain the same.

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This is important in a situation where text is being repeatedly retrieved to the same buffer at a specific address, but where VarSetCapacity -1 is being used so that the text is ready to be appended to a growing variable or pushed into an array.

Anyway, I believe I've answered my own question, but I'll leave it here in case it can be interesting to others. Thanks for reading.

[EDIT:] In the example above, the address stayed constant. If the variable had been decreasing in size each time we did VarSetCapacity -1, then there might not be enough space for the next string due to be placed there.

An example of the address shifting as the variable size is increased.

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