script in two windows

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script in two windows

21 Nov 2017, 09:06

Hey there,
I was recently thinking about the following thing. Is it possible to make a script run simultaneously on two windows (both are opened, one is taking one half of the screen, another one the other half). But maybe the setting should be different, I dont know. Maybe I can run it on two fully opened windows - thats why I ask here.

When I thought about it, it would be very difficult task because there is only one pointer available. So if a command is to:

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DllCall("SetCursorPos", int, xx, int, yy) ; mouse hover xx/yy

sleep, 500 ;

Click 1 ;

.. it is impossible for the machine to do those tasks in the same time because once a pointer is in xx/yy it can not go to a different window with different xx/yy.

Did you ever thought about it and maybe came up with some idea? It does not have to be perfect, but I would like to do something like that and the only alternative I have is running script on two computers, which is a horrible idea.

Thanks in advance!

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