selection rectangle: use mouse to select screen region

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selection rectangle: use mouse to select screen region

15 Jan 2018, 01:26

- I wrote a script based on LetUserSelectRect by Lexikos:
LetUserSelectRect - select a portion of the screen - Scripts and Functions - AutoHotkey Community
- I've changed it to use a transparent filled-in rectangle, instead of opaque borders, and it now supports right-click/Esc to cancel, plus it's generally been rewritten.
- You press q, and then when you hold down the left mouse button, a red selection rectangle appears, and when you release the button, the rectangle disappears, and a printscreen is taken of that region and displayed using SplashImage.
- Pressing the right mouse button or Esc cancels the selection.
- Note: the script requires the Gdip/Gdip_All library.

- Problems are that: at the moment it requires CoordMode be set in the auto-execute section, it uses a global variable, and it uses labels within a function.
- I'm posting in case anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it.

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