Map a complex sequence of key codes to Home

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Map a complex sequence of key codes to Home

19 Feb 2018, 15:45

Hi All,

I have just got a new laptop computer which does not have a dedicated Home/End key which I rely on for excel and other tasks. Next to my F12 there are two keys looks like phones which I want to remap. It looks like there are a few topics on this: ... -scancode/
https://jacksautohotkeyblog.wordpress.c ... s-part-12/

Looking at the wordpress article I have seen in the key history and script info window that when I press these special buttons there are 3 individual key up and down codes which are displayed. They are:

Excluding the first line there seems to be many codes which are activated when I press this special key? Can anyone let me know if it's possible to map this key to home?

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