Switch tabs with holding Ctrl

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Switch tabs with holding Ctrl

20 Feb 2018, 05:48

I want to remap Ctrl+Tab to Caps+e and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to Caps+q.
For simple tab switch this would be easy. The issue is with the tab switch that opens window with tab list if you hold down the Ctrl and moves within it if you keep pressing Tab, until you release both keys (examples are tab switching in Notepad++ or IntelliJ Idea).
And I am not able to implement Capslock hold and at the same time register e or q. I have tried this but it doesn't register e as another Tab while Capslock is pressed:

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Capslock & e::
SendInput {Ctrl Down}{Tab Down}
KeyWait, CapsLock
SendInput {Ctrl Up}{Tab Up}
Do you have some idea?
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Re: Switch tabs with holding Ctrl

22 Feb 2018, 09:04

Are you thinking of something like this?

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#SingleInstance, Force ; Skip replace dialog.
CapsLock & e::^Tab
CapsLock & q::^+Tab
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