ifwinactive or batch file?

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ifwinactive or batch file?

21 Feb 2018, 01:47

How can I make a script run when a program opens?

I know nothing of coding and I would like a specific code to be ran when I open a program. I have heard of batch files but I can't seem to get them to work, and is there a way to do it via ahk?

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Re: ifwinactive or batch file?

21 Feb 2018, 01:59

You have to have an already running script to detect a programs open window on the fly.

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SetTitleMatchMode, 2
SetTimer, Check, % 1000 * 1 ; check every second ( = 1000ms)

If WinActive(" - Notepad")
SoundBeep ; beep if a Notepad window is (still) open
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Re: ifwinactive or batch file?

21 Feb 2018, 03:23

also an example with PID and GUI
start ahk-script > start notepad and controlsend text to notepad
when close ahk-script > close also notepad

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