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monitor script ?  Topic is solved

22 Feb 2018, 10:06

Hi guy just wondering if anyone could help
Im after a script that will monitor a .exe and when the exe gives out a command trigger i need it to turn on a led
IfWinExist, Breeze Systems Photobooth
WinGetTitle, Title, Breeze Systems Photobooth
if Title contains 1.jpg
if PreviousTitle not contains 1.jpg
LEDOn() ; The first picture screen has just been displayed - turn relay #2 on
else if PreviousTitle contains 1.jpg

I have this code but i need it to work on a command trigger another software give out . This code just looks for a title

So i want to monitor a .exe then when the trigger capture_start gets triggered i want it to say LedOn() . Then when the .exe triggers capture_start i want LEDOFF()

Im not sure how to do it been at it for hours now can someone please help

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