Control via COM an already open Excel

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Control via COM an already open Excel

22 Feb 2018, 11:46

Hello, i have this issue

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oExcel := ComObjCreate("Excel.Application") 
oExcel.Visible := 1

With these lines of code i can open a new Excel instance and control it via the COM.
if an excel application is ALREADY open (with an active sheet), how could assign that istance to a COM object in order to control it via AHK?

Thank you for the replies
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Re: Control via COM an already open Excel

22 Feb 2018, 23:36

You can also try just using the command made for it:
xlApp := ComObjActive("Excel.Application")

This will work for most people. It is all I ever use and I use COM with Excel alot on several different computers.

The Excel_Get function is more robust and can handle some fringe cases.

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Re: Control via COM an already open Excel

23 Feb 2018, 03:47

Thank you very much.

ComObjActive for now is enough for me, if i will detect further problems i will pass to Excel_Get()


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