Filling online forms on chrome/mozilla/edge

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Filling online forms on chrome/mozilla/edge

07 Mar 2018, 13:15

Hello all,

I'm trying to fill in an online form automatically with data extracted from an excel sheet. So I put the contents of the cells I want in variables inside my script. Then I activate the browser window by clicking on its icon on the taskbar (the browser is already running, and on the website I want). Then click on each box on the browser window that I want to fill and use SendRaw to fill it. The code that does this is pasted below.

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My problem is that, sometimes this script works like a charm. Other times, some of the fields are filled incorrectly. The filling errors I get running the exact same code, on the same machine, are described below:
- One of the fields is not filled. I can see that the script clicks on the right box, but the information somehow is not pasted into it;
- One of the fields is filled correctly, but shortly after (less than a second, usually when the script is filling some other field), it becomes empty again;
- One of the fields are filled, but with one character of the string missing. For example, I want to paste "5000" but the script sends "500", or "000".

After testing the exact same script some dozens of times, I came to the conclusion that these errors are completely random. I have no way of knowing if the data is going to pasted correctly or not. About half of the times I run it, it works perfectly, sometimes 5 or 6 times in a row, the other times it fails. I have tried switching from SendMode,Input to SendMode,Event, and also tried changing the sleep time between commands from 100 to 1000, to no avail.

Naturally, every time I fill in the form manually, none of these errors happen.

Can someone shed a light on this one?


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