Key-Combo Multi-Character Remapping?

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Key-Combo Multi-Character Remapping?

08 Mar 2018, 11:22

Is there a way I can modify this script to do multi-characters? For example, in this script, pressing the key combo a + b + c and releasing will result in the output "j" (without quotes). However, if I were to make it "jk", this script won't do that. Can it be modified to output multi-characters with key-combos?

sendmode input
setworkingdir %a_scriptdir%
a = abc
b =
s:1 d:2 f:3 g:12 h:23 j:123 ...
stringsplit c,a
loop % c0
hotkey % "*" c%a_index%, d
prev:= new, new:= ""
loop % c0
if getkeystate(c%a_index%, "p")
new.= a_index
if (new >= prev)
valid:= ":" new " ", char:= substr(b,instr(b,valid)-1,1)
if new
settimer d, -100
sendraw % char

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