Divert text input from current application?

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Divert text input from current application?

16 Aug 2018, 16:20

I have been using hotkeys for a while in my home.automation setup (Harmony remote) and have now run out of viable shortcuts (CTRL+ALT+0-9)

What I would like to do is send a single CTRL+ALT+0 sequence to hotkeys and then have it listen to the next sequence but diverting that text input away from the current application.

Example, if I want to use ALT+F4 as a shortcut hotkeys would not pass that to windows and close the current app. This way I could have an unlimited set of shortcuts and not need to worry what effect they would have on the current running application.

sudo code to try explain further:

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Hope this is clear and welcome any pointers you may have.

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Re: Divert text input from current application?

17 Aug 2018, 02:39


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^!0::CTRL_ALT_0 := True
run myApp1
CTRL_ALT_0 := False
run myApp2
CTRL_ALT_0 := False
E.g. press the sequence of the shortcuts CTRL+ALT+0 and Alt+F4

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