My Problem: check or un-check

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My Problem: check or un-check

Post by vascodaramin » 22 Sep 2018, 05:24

How to fix Problem below:
after a small AHK that TAB from control to another over a dialog of AutoCAD so when I reach a checkbox control I would like to know how can I check / uncheck the checkbox as desired.

Thanks you!!!
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Re: My Problem: check or un-check

Post by rommmcek » 22 Sep 2018, 10:33

If you can identify the CheckBox control with WinSpy try:

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ControlGet, state, Checked,, ControlName, WinTitle
if !state
   ControlClick, ControlName, WinTitle
to get afterwards always checked state (delete [b]![/b] to get always unchecked state).
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