Macro Record of Mouse and Keyboard v2.7

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Re: Macro Record of Mouse and Keyboard v2.5

17 Jul 2017, 07:05

I updated the script to v2.5, It can be edited in the middle of the recording,
but it also increases the difficulty of beginners. :D

Because my English is not very good, so some sentences I understand are difficult,
my replies are using automatic translation, there must be a lot of inaccurate expression and grammatical errors, I'm sorry.

You master, if you have good ideas, please work together to improve. :bravo:
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Re: Macro Record of Mouse and Keyboard v2.5

19 Jul 2017, 08:57

You weren't spending time in vain I must say.
1) I absolutely love suspend feature with built-in editor.
2) WinWait(tt, tx="") is a great idea to simplify and shorten the code
3) Mouse coordinates is nice addition
4) If you don't mind my asking, what is your native language, maybe we've got the same? You may send it via private message if you don't want to disclose it.

5) What is it you didn't understand from my previous big post (cause as I see it is a plenty)? Don't be shy to ask. I'll try to be more «automatic translation compatible».

6) Could you look again at least in that peace to give me clue about what I should change in your code to get the desirable effect (I've changed it a bit to clarify) ?

Is it possible to Exclude from the list of scancoded keys all non-language dependable keys (just like you did with LRwin shift ctrl alt they're fine). Those keys are now scancodes in my edition of your script (and that is no good) capslockScrLockNumlck,printscreen,tab,escape,enter, space backspace, insertDel, EndHome pgUpDn , rightLeftUpDown arrows ,appkey, f1-f12, all numpadKeys) ? More so As for the numpad keys they aren't working properly via scancodes at all, acting like numlock is off (you're getting Numinsert NumDel NumEnd NumHome and so on instead of figures - 0 . 1 7 ).

PS. I'm sorry I'm a bit slow with my answers. Sometimes I have a lot on my plate (in that place should've been a joke, but automatic wouldn't digest it :shh: ).
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Re: Macro Record of Mouse and Keyboard v2.6

19 Jul 2017, 13:45

Hello, thank you very much for your advice on using SC to record keyboard actions. :thumbup:
I haven't tried input from other countries before,
Therefore, I do not know the keyboard layout of different countries
Entering the same key may produce different characters.
Now I updated the script to v2.6, this problem should be fixed.
Also, I'm from China. I'm glad that the website has a Chinese forum. :xmas:
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Re: Macro Record of Mouse and Keyboard v2.7

Yesterday, 08:44

Hi. You're welcome.
Hell of a job, my friend. Pity I've already figured the scancode-problem for my layout in v2.5, wasn't that hard to bother you with that, and you've already gave me all necessary info for the solution.
1. Nice mouse info section on ctrl.
2. I see you've already fixed«Volume_DownVolume_MuteVolume_Up» problem from v2.5

3. It will be a great addition to have «MouseClick , L\RButton , X, Y, 1, , , R» with R-parameter for clicking context menu items anywhere you want. It's rather popular option in macro recorders by the way.
4. «CoordMode, Mouse, Window» is generally more reliable than «CoordMode, Mouse, Screen». Unless of course you have something special on your mind, I would recommend to set «CoordMode, Mouse, Window» by default and «CoordMode, Mouse, Screen» on checkbox.
5. ControlClick is recording only coordinates not buttons, is it ok?
6. It could be useful to add closing action on "Guiclose:". "WinMinimize, ahk_id %gui_id%" you can achieve via Esc hotkey in #if guiWindow, whick is more comfortable. Also like an option, you may add another button for closing the app.
7. points 4. and 6. are just thoughts. It's easy to adapt them manually.
8. I think the most convenient way of calling the gui is one of your earlier solutions when you're touching with a cursor «x=0 y=0-100» area . «x=0 y=0» is not as responsive by far and it's often used by other scripts.

Best wishes.

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