Compile_AHK II - for those who compile! [v0.9.2 (04/19/16)]

Post your working scripts, libraries and tools
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Compile_AHK II - for those who compile! [v0.9.2 (04/19/16)]

18 Apr 2016, 22:28

Since the old Compile_AHK II thread is outdated, I decide to update it.
Thanks to denick, ladiko, flashkid, ruespe, darklight_tr.

> Downloads <

+ Compile_AHK_Setup.exe
AHK Source code:

> Screenshots <

> Additional features <

+ offers all options of the AutoHotkey compiler (change icon, compression level
+ changing the version information (file properties like company name, product name, product version, file version etc.

> Additional information <

+ What is it good for?
+ How does it work?
+ Explanations of Run Before and Run After?... you can find in the old thread: ... o-compile/

> Updates <

v0.9.2 (04/19/16)

Compile AHK Changes:
    Compiled with AutoHotkey_L v1.1.23.5.
    Added zh-cn translation.
    Added back UPX support, remove mpress.
    Updated ResHacker to 4.x.
    Changed language.ini to UTF-8.
    Removed icon 6 and 7 since they don't exist in AutoHotkeySC.bin any more.
    Fixed line feeding when saving ini in script.
    Fixed tooltip.
Setup Changes:
    Added back UPX, remove mpress.
    GoRC updated to v1.0.1.0.
    ResourceHacker updated to v4.2.5.146.
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Re: Compile_AHK II - for those who compile! [v0.9.2 (04/19/16)]

19 Apr 2016, 03:11

wow this looks really neat :D

thank you for shering
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19 Apr 2016, 03:37

Wow that looks pretty cool.
Thanks for your Work.
Greetings Best-Code-in-Use
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Re: Compile_AHK II - for those who compile! [v0.9.2 (04/19/16)]

03 Nov 2016, 13:41

@Mercury233, what do you want say with Compiled with AutoHotkey_L v1.1.23.5.? How have you compiled Compile_AHKII?
Thanks in advance.
Everything is possible!
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Re: Compile_AHK II - for those who compile! [v0.9.2 (04/19/16)]

07 Nov 2016, 14:46

I don't know why I didn't notice this earlier. It's my favorite way to compile AHK scripts. Thanks for the update.
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Re: Compile_AHK II - for those who compile! [v0.9.2 (04/19/16)]

13 Apr 2017, 14:50

How to work with "Resources" tab?

Cant understand how to use files which i can add to that list..
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Re: Compile_AHK II - for those who compile! [v0.9.2 (04/19/16)]

01 May 2017, 09:22

Thanks for this.

Since it is possible to change the window class of compiled scripts by manually editing AutoHotkeySC.bin, do you think you could add this as a feature?
Haxt0r Baxtor

Re: Compile_AHK II - for those who compile! [v0.9.2 (04/19/16)]

03 Jan 2018, 01:53

sorry, it does work well in windows 10, my mistake was I did not place the files in correct folder
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Re: Compile_AHK II - for those who compile! [v0.9.2 (04/19/16)]

05 Mar 2018, 11:25

Is there a way to make this work to bulk compile scripts? I have over 400 scripts used by various people and would like to generate bulk compile to exe.

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