[CGUI] An object-oriented GUI library

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[CGUI] An object-oriented GUI library

17 Jan 2017, 05:45

Hi :wave:

I have been working on some projects of mine and had some pretty intense contact with an "old" library: https://github.com/ChrisS85/CGUI
I am really amazed on how easy it is to use it and think it is a pity that Chris (the dev) does not have the time to maintain the repo anymore.
I would like to see this lib continue improving. So I decided to folk it and publish it here. (With Chris' blessing)

The code (in the "new fork") is published here: https://github.com/lipkau/CGUI/
and some examples of what can be done with it are here: https://github.com/lipkau/CGUI/tree/master/samples

Any collaboration is very welcome

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