XInput - Xbox Controller API

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XInput - Xbox Controller API

26 Mar 2017, 06:05


Originally posted on the old forum.

XInput.ahk wraps a few key functions of XInput, a.k.a. the Microsoft Common Controller API. It provides the following capabilities not otherwise accessible to scripts:
  • The official drivers report to Windows one axis for both analog triggers, making it impossible to detect when both triggers are pulled at once. XInput allows one to retrieve the state of each analog trigger individually.
  • Set level of controller vibration - left and right motor speeds.
Other capabilities of the XInput API that this script does not currently support include:
  • Detect input on attached messenger kits (mini keyboards which can be attached to a controller).
  • Retrieve battery levels of wireless controllers.
  • Access the audio input/output of a given controller's headset.
Required: xinput1_*.dll - You probably already have it.

Usage notes are written above each function.

Code: [Select all] [Expand] [Download] (XInput.ahk)GeSHi © Codebox Plus

Code: [Select all] [Expand] [Download] (XInput-example.ahk)GeSHi © Codebox Plus

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Re: XInput - Xbox Controller API

11 Apr 2017, 16:15

isn't this similar to the one evilC made?
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Re: XInput - Xbox Controller API

11 Apr 2017, 17:03

Clearly not. This is a simple wrapper around the XInput API, with virtually the same usage as the API. The original script apparently predates evilC's library by about 9 years.
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Re: XInput - Xbox Controller API

28 Apr 2017, 02:28

what do these scripts do and how can I use controller key presses in my script
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Re: XInput - Xbox Controller API

12 Jan 2018, 03:22

Hi I am trying to use This wrapper. I downloaded which seams to use the most reason version from the old forum on page 4.
It works great with a Xbox One controller connected via USB or Bluetooth.

The problem I have is when I use Nvidia GameStream. Which is my preferred way to play gamepad games. With Nvidia GameStream it emulates the Xbox controller too, but this wrapper does not detect the controller :( Every other game or program I tried find the Nvidia GameStream Xinput controller. One thing to note, Nvidia does not populate the gamepad list found in control panel. I wonder if this script could be updated for a more universal detection of Xinput controllers?
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Re: XInput - Xbox Controller API

12 Jan 2018, 05:28

The script uses the only universal method of detection of Xinput controllers - the official API.

It is likely that Nvidia GameStream does not give you a controller at all, but intercepts the Xinput APIs to pretend you have a controller. Your script may be missing some requirement for GameStream to install its hooks; e.g. the use of Direct3D or OpenGL.

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