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16 May 2017, 17:17

Returns an Excel application object.

App := Excel_Get([WinTitle, Excel7#])

WinTitle - Optional. Specify a WinTitle to match. Or omit the WinTitle to use the default "ahk_class XLMAIN" which will get the active window.
Excel7# - Optional. Default is 1. Don't change this unless you know what it does.

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Example Usage:

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F7::  ; Press F7 to display Excel's caption.
xlApp := Excel_Get()
if !IsObject(xlApp) ; If Excel_Get fails it returns an error message instead of an object.
MsgBox, 16, Excel_Get Error, % xlApp
MsgBox, % "Caption: " xlApp.Caption

Why Excel_Get instead of ComObjActive:
  • It can match a WinTitle.
  • If Excel is in edit-mode, attempting a COM action will produce an error. Excel_Get detects this error and uses ControlSend to send {Escape} to the workbook window.
  • ComObjActive returns the "active" object from the running object table (ROT). "Active" on the ROT does not mean that the window is active. So if more than one Excel application/process is running, ComObjActive does not necessarily return the application object of the active Excel window.
  • If Excel was just opened it may not have registered itself on the ROT yet.

Thanks to jethrow; this version is based on his version. I have rearranged some things but the logic remains largely unchanged. However, unlike other versions, this function is standalone. The ACC lib IS NOT REQUIRED. Also unlike other versions, this function returns a specific error message in the event of failure.
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nice work

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great! This helps.

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