[Class] LoadPictureType

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[Class] LoadPictureType

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This is for loading a picture and specifying the type of the returned handle, that is, hBitmap, hIcon or hCursor.


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ref := new LoadPictureType(Filename [, options:="", ImageType:=0, bkColor:=0x000000, xHotspot:=0, yHotspot:=0,keepBITMAP:=false])

For Filename and options, use the regular LoadPicture parameters.
The parameter ImageType specifies the type of the returned handle, set it to either IMAGE_BITMAP:=0, IMAGE_ICON:=1 or IMAGE_CURSOR:=2
Most basic example:

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icon:= new LoadPictureType("myBitmap.bmp" ,"w55 h100", IMAGE_ICON:=1)

If getting an icon or cursor handle, specify the background color (RGB) of the bitmap, via the bkColor parameter, this color will be transparent.
For cursors, you may specify the hotspot coordinates, via the xHotspot and yHotspot parameters.
You can set the keepBITMAP parameter to true if you want to call the ref.getBitmap() method, to obtain the info of a BITMAP structure as an ahk array on the form:

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BITMAP	:=	{type:			bmType
,w: bmWidth
,h: bmHeight
,widthBytes: bmWidthBytes
,planes: bmPlanes
,bitsPixel: bmBitsPixel
,bits: bmBits}

This feature is a concequnce of debugging.

Known limitations

  • Sometimes fails if the gdi+ option is present.
  • Transparency fails on some non-bitmap images.
  • This has almost zero value if you want a bitmap handle, then just use LoadPicture.
  • Limited testing


I know very little about gdi, I'm sure there is a better way to do this, please tell me.
For reference: I have used the logic found here.
As far a I am concerned, you may use this code in any peaceful context you wish, but remember the above reference. The provided bitmap below is not for sale, it is owned by its author, a professional graphics artist :rainbow: .
:arrow: github


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Change the Windows cursor, restored on exit (Esc).
Save image as myBmp.bmp and put in script directory.
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