Meldekort NAV, Norge (Norway)

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Meldekort NAV, Norge (Norway)

15 Jul 2017, 07:13

This is a very simple code, that will send in the so called "meldekort" (message card), for social welfare checks. You have to do this every other week and gets tedious to do manually. It is only interesting to Norwegians, but I thought I would still share it.

Since NAV tend to change their page from time to time, it is good if you know how to change the script yourself, accordingly. I'm soon off welfare, so I will not update the script. However it is normally a matter of adding a few {Tab} or removing them.

How to use:
1. Log in to NAV and enter "Send meldekort".
2. Press the hotkey (Alt-Ctrl-M)
3. Click confirm meldekort. You've now sent meldekort this week, well done.

Hotkey: Alt-Ctrl-M
This is the settings that the script will fill in:

Har du vært i arbeid de siste 14 dagene?

Har du gjennomført avtalt aktivitet eller deltatt på kurs/utdanning?

Har du vært forhindret fra å ta arbeid eller gjennomføre avtalt aktivitet fordi du har vært for syk?

Har du hatt ferie eller fravær slik at du ikke har kunnet ta arbeid eller gjennomføre avtalt aktivitet?

Ønsker du fortsatt å være registrert hos NAV de neste 14 dagene, uke 29-30 (17.07.2017 - 30.07.2017) ?

Aktivitet i 2 uker:
Mandag: Ja
Tirsdag: Ja
Onsdag: Ja
Torsdag: Ja
Fredag: Ja
Lørdag: Nei
Søndag: Nei

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Send {Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Down}{Tab}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Tab}{Down}{Tab}{Tab}{Down}{Tab}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Enter}
sleep 2000
Send {Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Space}{Tab}{Tab}{Tab}{Enter}

If someone want, I can post a stand alone script. However it should work in any script as far as I know, I use it in one that I have running 24/7.
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