Drawing with autohotkey

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Drawing with autohotkey

30 Aug 2017, 10:42

Hello everybody

I'm new to autohotkey

I made a drawing with autohotkey, since it occurred to me that if I could do automatic actions why not draw in the mspaint automatically, then I thought how I could determine the coordinates for an image that comes down from the internet, and remember that when You want to make a drawing is to follow points, from point "A" to point "B", and using AutoScriptWriter II by Larry Keys, I was clicking on the image that already had red in the mspaint, so that when I got the coordinates of where I clicked.
I got something like this Example:
MouseClick left 266 625
Sleep 100
MouseClick left 265 589

And then with Excel I just did a simple subtraction operation.
I got a result like this:
-1, -36
The first value is the x-coordinate and the second value is the y-coordinate

With these values ​​I would get how much I moved from point "A" to point "B" and that way I could get the coordinates for MouseClickDrag.

However I guess there must be some quicker way to get the coordinates for the MouseClickDrag directly from an image.

Note 1: When you open the script you have to wait until you finish drawing in the mspaint before you move the mouse again.

Note 2: You can close the script at any time by pressing the "Esc - Escape"

I hope you find it useful.

Here you can see a gif

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Re: Drawing with autohotkey

31 Aug 2017, 06:50

Very cool. No anime inspired images?
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Re: Drawing with autohotkey

31 Aug 2017, 09:08

iseahound wrote:Very cool. No anime inspired images?

Simpsons is best anime
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Re: Drawing with autohotkey

20 May 2018, 08:13

I really dont understand these...
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Re: Drawing with autohotkey

12 Jun 2018, 08:04

Okay, your computer is haunted :X
Get Out!

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