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Mero's Script Updater & Launcher

10 Sep 2017, 12:39


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This beginner-friendly program will automatically check for updates and launch the latest version of your program. I wanted to create a simplified/modified alternative to Rseding91's self script updater(because I am too trash to actually get his working).

How to set up:
1.Upload your newest compiled program to dropbox or google drive
2.Copy the direct download link for your program.
3.Create a file called version.ini and input the following

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URL=Input your direct .exe download link

4.Save a copy of the version.ini in a folder and another copy in your Dropbox/Google Drive
5.Copy my launcher script into an .AHK file and put it in the same folder as version.ini
Your folder should look like this:
6.Get the direct download link for your version.ini
7.Replace the part of the Launcher script called "your version.ini download link". Keep the download link in quotation marks.
Update_URL := ""
8.Replace "yourfilename.exe" with your desired program name. Keep the download name in quotation marks.
, Temp_Exe := A_Temp . "\" . f . "New_Program.exe"
9.You are all done. Save and compile your new launcher. :dance:

How to push out an update:
1.Drag your newly updated program into your Dropbox/Google Drive and overwrite the old version
2.Edit the version.ini in your Dropbox/Google Drive and increase the version number from Version=1.0 to Version=2.0.
3.Run the launcher program on your desktop. The program will see that the version number in your Dropbox/Google Drive is larger and automatically update.

Where does the launcher put my downloaded program?:
This script saves your New_Program.exe to the Temp folder. You can find the Temp folder by putting %temp% in your Window's search bar or run command.

How it works:
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Re: Mero's Script Updater & Launcher

21 Jan 2018, 23:04

How it make it work on LAN network?
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Re: Mero's Script Updater & Launcher

07 Jul 2018, 02:37

I also need self updater for my script, that will be deployed on ~150 pc. Idea with .ini file is great, and for LAN think must replace UrlDownloadToFile with a FileCopy. Updater compile to .exe and in script place Settimer to call updater that make all job of replacing. But i dont need temp folder, script is in startup user folder.

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