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AHK Command Picker

20 Sep 2017, 13:04

Reason for this post - CodePlex is shutting down - and our fellow AHKgeek deadlydog has hosted his script out there ...(where I've found it a minute ago) :)
AHK Command Picker - An AutoHotkey (AHK) script that allows you to easily call AHK functions to run other AHK scripts. (Requires AutoHotkey_L).

Instead of having to remember what hotkey maps to each of your AHK scripts (as you could have hundreds), this displays a list of Commands in a light-weight GUI that allows you to quickly and easily run your scripts. Simply type part of the command name and hit enter to run your script. You can also provide parameters to your commands, allowing you to change the functionality of a command with a few keystrokes.

For more reasons to use this with your AHK scripts, see [Why Use AHK Command Picker].

https://autohotkey.com/board/topic/1196 ... verything/

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