Second Mouse Cursor

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Second Mouse Cursor

01 Oct 2017, 22:05

This is a script I wrote that adds a second cursor to Windows. The cursor is controlled using a Joystick. Both right and left clicking are supported, but clicking and dragging is not. The clicks can be sent one of two ways, each of which have their own pros and cons. The first option is using ControlClick. This option has the advantage of usually being able to send a click without activating the target window, but the disadvantage of not always working properly, not to mention being an absolute nightmare to code. One the other hand, using MouseClick has the advantage of working far more reliably, but the disadvantage of requiring the target window to be activated, at least briefly.

Code: [Select all] [Expand] [Download] (Second_Cursor.ahk)GeSHi © Codebox Plus

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Re: Second Mouse Cursor

04 Oct 2017, 18:35

Interesting way to move the second cursor. Maybe allow an arrow key movement? Maybe numpad? Still looks great! (Btw, add the icon for the cursor in the forum post ;D)
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Re: Second Mouse Cursor

09 Oct 2017, 05:49

BTW, if you used Interception, you could control the 2nd cursor with a 2nd mouse.
This is not normally possible, because RawInput can differentiate between devices, but cannot block (So the 2nd mouse would still move the main pointer), and Hooks cannot differentiate between devices (So you could not have the 2nd mouse only move the 2nd cursor), but can block.

Interception can differentiate between devices AND can block on a per-device basis.
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Re: Second Mouse Cursor

24 Oct 2017, 01:06

Would this method work so that only the second mouse sends clicks on a AHK Gui? I am attempting to make a touchscreen GUI that does not deactivate the main window.

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