registry: list keys/values via DllCall

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registry: list keys/values via DllCall

11 Oct 2017, 19:26

I had wanted AutoHotkey to be able retrieve keys (and values) in alphabetical order. Another potential use for this is to retrieve data from value types that AutoHotkey can't handle.

I also think it's good to know how AutoHotkey's commands/functions work in case you ever need similar functionality in another programming language.

Note: I seem to be getting a list of keys that almost exactly matches RegEdit when it exports keys to a reg file. However, occasionally some keys are missing either from this script's list or RegEdit's list.

Btw does anyone know of any dll functions or any good examples of code for creating reg files? I don't really need this myself, although it seems like a potentially useful thing to do if AutoHotkey could generate reg files when given a path to a registry key.

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