Pixel - Image Search Scripting Aid / Test Environment

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Pixel - Image Search Scripting Aid / Test Environment

18 Nov 2017, 21:08

Hey what is going on folks.

A few weeks ago I did a tutorial series on Pixel search and for the tutorials I made a script aid sort of deal to give users a mock environment to build up and test out their scripts. Well now that I am done with it, I thought some of you might find it helpful when working on scripts that use pixel search or Image search.
The script is easy to set up and use and you can do most of your script testing using it rather than perhaps having to load this or that, or wait for condition x to happen blah, blah, blah.

There are two modes, one is a stationary target that jumps to a new random location when it is clicked, and the other is a moving target.
Although this was made with pixel search in mind, it should be very, very, very easy to change it to image search.

I am sure that as soon as you run it you will figure out how to adjust the settings, but if you have questions just ask.


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