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Tiling window manager

11 Dec 2017, 20:27

Hi guys,

I use xmonad or i3 on my linux machines and i don't believe anything exists that does the same function in windows. I have started a little project to try to fill this hole and have a proof of concept script working you can get it here:

I'm not sure if windows is as usable with the tiling window style...so not sure if i will put much more effort into getting the script fully functional or not. I thought i would post it here and see if anyone else wants this kind of functionality in windows. if other people want it too then I might keep developing it.

If you clone the github project and run main.ahk all the open windows should tile automatically. the following hotkeys are setup:
windows key + g: reset the tilining of all windows again
windows key + t: stop/start tiling the active window
windows key + j: move the middle split left
windows key + k: move the middle split right
windows key + shift + j: rotate the windows' position around left
windows key + shift + k: rotate the windows' position around right

some features that would need to be implemented to make the tiling usable:
- handle multiple monitors
- handle multiple desktops (windows 10)
- have a way to tell the program to ignore windows by class name/exe name etc
- add features like automatically move windows of a certain type to a specific desktop (windows 10)

Let me know your thoughts.

Re: Tiling window manager

12 Dec 2017, 07:39

I don't use "tiling" myself, but for reference: you know about bug.n - Tiling Window Manager for Windows - https://github.com/fuhsjr00/bug.n
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Re: Tiling window manager

12 Dec 2017, 23:06

hmm i have seen that before and dismissed it as not quite what i was looking for. looking at it again i think it might be what i'm looking for...I'll check it out thanks

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